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Weekend program

We offer more than 40 hours of workshops during this weekend. Those workshops are structured by levelling and topics taught.
These are our categories:

These workshops will put you on fire for the party. Every Fullpass or Advanced Pass holder can access them. Topics will be useful and funny things you can use to enjoy our parties even more.

One of those workshops will be offered on Friday and Saturday each.

These workshops are specifically designed to raise your West Coast Swing dance level within your learning group. The exact level description can be found in the ticket info section.

In total we have 5 hours of levelled workshops per level offered.

On Saturday afternoon we have special themed workshops for you. The focus will be on different dance styles or knowledge connected to our dance/community. Exact topics are visible in the schedule.  You can visit those workshops if you chose a fullpass or an Advanced/Allstar pass.

Weekend program – competitions

On Saturday we offer Jack and Jill for competition!

These divisions will take place:

  • Newcomer
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Allstar

In our cozy atmosphere, competitions prove to be even more fun to be enjoyed with friends. Cheer for your friends and all the other competitors on the dance floor, enjoy the show and compete as well. You can win freepasses to our event and other cooperating events all over Europe.

Furthermore, you can win those trophies designed and hand-made by Barbara Oliva-Lanza from Montpellier, France.



You can find our schedule here or directly within our booklet. Download the booklet to have all different information directly available on your phone and to be well informed about every detail we have prepared.

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