Tickets & Registration



  • 5 h of levelled workshops per level
  • 2 h of open-level workshops
  • Optional solo workshops (hip-hop, contemporary etc.)
  • Three parties
  • Optional competition
  • Early Bird – 180€ (sold out)
  • Late Bird – 160€ (next 80 passes)
  • Knocking Bird – 170€ (remaining passes)
  • Three parties until sunrise
  • No workshops – sleep late
  • Optional competition

(Please choose a party pass if you DO NOT want to take the workshops as space is limited)

  • PartyPass – 90€

  • Four hours of intensive with Philippe and Flore
  • 1,5 hours of competition/spotlight focus workshop
  • Three parties
  • Optional competition
  • Advanced/Allstars Pass – 90€

  • No prior knowledge of West Coast Swing required
  • Three days with 90 min bootcamp each
  • Three parties
  • Optional competition
  • Baby Bird – 80€
  • Single day party access (Friday to Sunday is possible)
  • Single Party Ticket – 20€
  • Saturday: Watch competition and shows
  • Spectator’s pass – 10€



You have been dancing West Coast Swing up to 1,5 years or you have taken a break and now want to get started again? In this level our teachers work on your basics and help you grow into this wonderful dance.


You have been dancing West Coast Swing for longer than 1,5 years but you have not claimed any competition points yet? In this level you want to refine your strategies and maybe add some tricks to it.


You have already competed before and claimed at least one WSDC Novice point. This is YOUR level. Be prepared for higher level technique and some competition focus.


Our newest workshop level addresses dancers with at least one WSDC Intermediate point. Focus will be on competition technique and pushing you into that next division.


Limited spots available for dancers with at least 30 WSDC Intermediate points. Intense training with Champion dancers Philippe and Flore plus Spotlight training awaits you.

Baby Bird

You have not danced West Coast Swing before but you finally want to learn it?  Now this is your chance! Take the three day beginner bootcamp with us.



There will be an audition for the non-competing dancers to still hit those sweet spots in bronze or iron level. The short audition will be held on Friday evening just before we start the party. Please note that we cannot offer more spots in a level than we can fit into our space. Hence, sold out levels can not be auditioned for. Unlike last year this years audition will not be held workshop-style but social-style, meaning no workshop, only social dance.

Partypass – For those late sleeping people

The party pass enables you to take part in three parties. On the other hand, you are able to register for competition as well. Of course you do not have to do that. All shows can be watched.

Single Ticket Party – For those spontaneous ones

You can only make it for one day? Sad! However, we still want to make it possible for you to attend! Now you can book single tickets to attend single party nights and watch the shows. Just note that this excludes competition registration.

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Any questions left? Please contact us via social media or with the following email address: Fabian.stein [at] tanzhaus-bonn.de

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