SwingIn Festival 2023

Bonn Germany


Vom Einsteiger bis zum erfahrenen Tänzer, unser umfangreiches Angebot wird Euch begeistern.


Wir checken Eure Level und
empfehlen den für Euch
richtigen Workshop.


Professionelle Trainer, DJs und Gastronomen sorgen für eine rundum gelungene Veranstaltung.

bar und buffet

Unsere erfahrene Gastronomie
und Küche bietet für jeden etwas, auch vegetarisch.


Drei Tage SWING PUR!
Hier findet Ihr die Übersicht zu
den einzelnen Angeboten.

Tickets 2023

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We offer a huge variety of workshops and classes. With four different levels there is more than 50 hours of training opportunities in total! Taught by trainers from all over the world you can learn all sorts of unique West Coast Swing related content. Classes are given in the perfectly versatile dance school, Tanzhaus Bonn. We value our dancers so we build groups in the best possible sizes for the best learning experience.

Our Levels

  • GOLD – for our newer Westies and soon to be social kings and queens. You will need some WCS basics (Sugar Push, Left Side Pass and Underarmturn) and some beginner knowledge of slot and connection.
  • SILBER – for our more advanced Westies. You should dance this dance for approximately two years already. You will need more complex version of the basics (for example: Open Whips, Rock and Go´s, combinations).
  • BRONZE – This level focuses on competition related content. Aiming at more advanced techniques and details you will need 16 WSDC Novice points at least to participate.
  • ADVANCED/ALL-STAR – This level contains two two hour intensive workshops (one on Saturday, one on Sunday.) It is necessary to be WSDC Advanced level or higher, minimum of 30 WSDC Intermediate points.
  • BABY BIRD – Our Baby Birds are soon to be Westies. In a six-hour course they will learn the fundamentals of West Coast Swing. With those they will be able to dive into all our parties right away.


To build the  perfect environment for everyone to excel in learning we find an audition workshop to be the best option possible. This is an All-Level Workshop for each participant. The content will be decided by our teachers based on what is relevant in their upcoming workshops. While our dancers will learn from one of our couples the other teacher will distribute wristbands. Like this even a participation in bronze is possible for dancers who have never before taken any competition.


Siegerehrung Open Division 2022 mit Trainern im Hintergrund
The SwingIn-Festival focuses on a warm and welcoming atmosphere to connect with other dancers and build our community. However, we think some competition will not hurt this. That is why we offer competition based upon the rules given by the WSDC. So, it is going to be fun competitions with focus on musical connection and partner work. The nice variety of music is chosen by our amazing DJ staff and is perfectly suiting the exact divisions.
Our trophies are wonderful pieces of art made by Barbara Oliva-Lanza from Montpellier, France. They are designed and crafted by hand for us specifically. On top of that we have some free passes for other events that are working with us. For example, we had people winning passes for „WSDC Winter White West Coast Swing”, “WSDC Westie Spring Thing” and “Symphony Swing”.

Bar & Buffet

Tanzhaus Bonn is proud of its huge bar area offering all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food. Our two areas invite you to sit and relax while enjoying our cocktails. Our team is carefully looking out for all your needs to make your stay as pleasing as possible. So, have a seat and chose whatever you like from our special SwingIn-Festival menu.

As we already did for our first edition, we offer a buffet provided by a local restaurant. All food on the buffet is delicious, vegetarian and beautifully served by our team.
You can book your buffet ticket online with your festival ticket.

Menu from 2022:


  • Falafel with mint dip (vegetarian)
  • Seasonal salad with homemade dressing (vegetarian/vegan)
  • Homemade bread with two sorts of dips

Main Course

  • Seasonal vegetables (vegan/vegetarian)
  • Homemade vegetable strudel (vegetarian)
  • Gnocchi-vegetable dish (vegan/vegetarian)
  • Wild rice


  • Chocolate mousse
  • Fruit salad



SwingIn-Festival is proud of the yearly switching team of extraordinary instructors from allk over the world. Even for our first edition weh ad instructors from France, Poland, Brasil, Norway and Hungary. They proved to provide the best possible learning experience to our students
Our focus lies within chosing great instructors with a high social context. All our teachers are wonderful social dancers getting into contact with everyone at the parties. Our philosphy: Sharing the joy oft he dance with whoever makes you happy, no matter the level!

Additional info regarding our teacher line up you can find on the website approximately half a year before the event starts.


We are proud of our versatile DJ team. With our head DJ, Ken Knipphals, Germany, we provide the best mix of music possible with DJs from all over the world. As every DJ has its own specialty the music is going to be versatile, leaving no one not moving. So: Everyone will find their favourite set!
As we want to support younger DJs as well, we try to make their appearance on the dance floor possible. If you are a newer DJ, just send word.

As our DJs will play music on two dance floors simultaneously the participants can choose whichever set they like best or just keep on switching the dance floor because all music is moving their bodies.

Such as our teachers you can read all on our DJ line up on our website for the upcoming edition.


Our event director is our ADTV West Coast Swing specialized dance teacher, official WSDC judge and WSDC Intermediate dancer, Fabian Stein. He, supported by our Tanzhaus Bonn team and an amazing group of volunteers, oversees basically everything event related. Without the enormous help of so many amazing people the organisation of such an event would simply be impossible. If you have any questions just reach out to fabian.stein [at] tanzhaus-bonn.de or give us a call at Tanzhaus Bonn.

We are happy to help you out!



In 2023 we again offer an incomparable West Coast Swing experience.

WHEN?            21.-23.04.2023
WHERE?          Tanzhaus Bonn in Bonn
WHO?              Everyone interested in or fan of West Coast Swing
TICKETS?         Ticketing starts 17.12.2022 at 12:00 CET
PRICES?           Look at the ticket section
QUESTIONS?    Write fabian.stein [at] tanzhaus-bonn.de or give us a call
GROUPS?         Write Fabian Stein to announce a group

DAS West Coast Swing Event in Bonn – das Kompetenzzentrum für Euch.

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