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20 Apr: Festival News

22.04. INFO BabyBird: Die angesagten zweiten Termine: Sa 17-18:30, So 16:30-18:00 22.04. Samstag/saturday, 11:40 : Audition Workshop geht in fünf…


Professional trainers from Germany and abroad stand for the best possible learning success with fun!​

Schedule 2023

Three days of PURE SWING!
You can find the overview here the individual offers.

Tickets 2023

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Trainer Edition 2023

Marta Nita und Piotr Lenart

Glad to have you with us in our second edition!
They came to the international WCS world in 2012 and immediately fell in love not only with dance, but also with the community. Since then they have attended over a hundred events in Europe and also the USA, Canada and Asia.
They are not only active community members, but also certified WCS instructors. Currently, they are successfully teaching both in their home country and abroad. Their goal in life is simple: spread the WCS love.
Piotr, a trained instructor, uses his qualifications and experience in teaching dance to make the classes as informative and fun as possible. He never seems to get bored when talking about WCS.
Marta is the brain of all the workshops they teach together. She is a smooth, clean dancer with great musicality and energy. They love to empower dancers and people to make the community better and better with every workshop!
Marta and Piotr are known in Poland as “Sezon na Westa” (Westie Season) and regularly organize classes, exercises and workshops with local and international teachers in Warsaw.
If you want to know more, feel free to visit www.sezonnawesta.pl

Joao Parada und Ludovic Pelegrin

Joao has been dancing since he was 8 years old, first joining a German folk dance group. In 2006 he started dancing Zouk, Salsa, Forro, Samba de gafieira, Bolero and Tango Argentino. From there, he practiced several hours a week to dance and learned to become a dance instructor. In 2010 he started teaching and in 2012 he learned West Coast Swing. He became completely addicted to the dance, mainly because he could be so creative and musical. From then on he took classes, private lessons and workshops abroad with the best dance teachers. Today he is at the All Stars level and is regularly ranked in the top 3.
Since 2014, he has been teaching WCS in Brazil. But now he lives together with his husband Ludovic in France and is spreading the joy and love of West Coast Swing in our neighbor country.
Ludovic took his first dance steps at the age of 10, when he first learned Rock’n’Roll. His dancing background is as innovative as it is varied, as he quickly became interested in Lindy-Hop, Balboa, Charleston, acrobatic Rock’n’Roll, Salsa, Boogie Woogie and tap dancing. Since 2009 he has been a Rock and Roll, Lindy Hop and Charleston instructor. His enthusiasm for swing dancing allowed him to discover West Coast Swing in 2010. He quickly became very passionate and went from workshops to workshops overseas, learning from the best instructors. He also participates in many competitions where he regularly finishes in the top 3. Driven by a desire to share his passion and help others discover and learn it, he began teaching WCS in 2011. After helping to spread West Coast Swing in his area (in France), he now gives some workshops in France and Europe.

Daniil Pavlov und Raisa Khismatullina

Raisa and Daniil are All-Star level west coast swing instructors, each with more than 10 years of experience to teach dancing.
Between the two of them, they have experience and training in more than 20 different styles of solo and partner dance. They regularly travel internationally, however also teach in dance studios and support local communities at home. Raisa loves WCS for “the opportunity in each dance to be different and remain yourself”, while Daniel sees it as “a fantastic paradigm for physical and mental health”. They are both avid social dancers and strive to share their passion with as many new communities around the world as they can.

Leo Lorenzo und Julia Palenga

Jula Palenga
She found her passion for dancing when she was a little girl. From jazz, ballet, ballroom and latin dance, she discovered West Coast Swing in 2015. She’s been teaching, judging and competing on events all over the world ever since. In the All Star devision she has already achieved several placements. With her cheeky and extremely musical stylings she inspires our community. Jula loves the non-verbal conversation, the musical expression and the individual freedom that this extraordinary dance offers

Léo Lorenzo
He has always been immersed in dance and music since his younger age. He begins very early with music with percussion as well as with gymnastics which give him a particular sensitivity to rhythm and situation of his body in the space. He continues the music with the drums, the guitar then the piano as an autodidact. He then dedicated himself to dance alongside gymnastics. He started dancing with West coast swing which fascinated him with his first teachers Sebastien Cadet and Blandine Iche. He worked on his technique and his teaching to make this passion a professional vocation, dictated by the magic of transmitting. He also flourishes in competitions and participates in many Jack and Jills (improvisation competition) thanks to which he reaches the “All Star” category in only 3 years. Léo decided to seek new inspirations for movements and techniques in other dances such as Brazilian Zouk, Contemporary or even Salsa. Léo Lorenzo is eager to share his passion for dance with you through his philosophy of it.


We offer a schedule with workshops, intensives and competition.
The exact schedule will be online shortly before the event when there are not gonna be huge changes anymore.

Here is a short preview though:

  • Friday registration desk opens at 5pm while the first workshop is at 7 pm
  • Daily three blocks of two workshops each (four hours per level, exception Adv./All-Star two hours per day)
  • Buffet is on Saturday afternoon
  • Competition is on Saturday evening while party starts latest at 12 am
  • Partys are Open-End, exception is Sunday with a scheduled end between 1 and 2 am


  • Birds (Classic pass, including workshops, parties and optional competition)
    • Super Early Bird (first ten tickets)
    • Early Bird (17.12.22-17.02.23)
    • Late Bird (18.02.23-07.04.23)
    • Knocking Bird (08.04.23-at the door)
  • Advanced/All-Star (WSDC Advanced or higher rated dancers only)
    • Ticket   70€
  • Baby Birds (Westie Newbies being introduced to WCS in six hours of training, parties included in the ticket.)
    • Ticket   60€
  • Partypässe (limited amount of party access tickets, competition optional)
    • Ticket   90€
  • Competition (earliest booking option is a week before the event)
    • Newcomer (your first competition ever)   10€
    • Novice   10€
    • Intermediate   10€
    • Advanced/All-Star   10€
  • Buffet (can be booked with your festival ticket, menu comaprable to 2022)
    • Ticket per person   25€

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